Released Albums

Listen to the NEW ALBUM ”The Sand of Time” today! Cicci Landens earlier albums are ”Chapter Two” (2017) and ”Coming Home” (2015)  along with about 20 singles.

The Sands of Time

Album (2023)

The new album ”The Sands Of Time” is a journey that takes you to amazingly beautiful places, a shelter from a storm, to a house with the wonderful garden and the memories of childhood, forbidden love, the importance of one small kind word and all through the waist of the hourglass where the sand flows down.

Flower Moon Of May

Single (2023)

”The last of the older generation of my family, who has been close to me for as long as I can remember, passed away in May 2020 and a big part of my history was lost. At that time, the moon was also so incredibly powerful and big and it turned out that the full moon in May is called the flower moon. So when I was later sitting in my own garden enjoying its colors, this song came to me.”


Single (2023)

”Hourglass” is a song about daring to let go of the safe and stop going in circles, to venture out to achieve new dreams and goals.


Single (2022)

”Montana” is a song that captures Cicci’s love of country music, nature and travel. It has lyrics that describe a sense of freedom and how Montana’s magnificent scenery gave Cicci a vision of what the world can or could be like.

Need to Run

Single (2022)

”Need To Run” a song that is Cicci’s very personal summation of the feelings of the last two years, all the build up that just disappeared. Surprised by the interruption and unaware of the future. But also about the will, the fervor and the passion for music and life.

Over Again

Single (2021)

”There are people around me who treat their loved ones badly but deny it. Those of us on the sidelines see everything so clearly, while they don’t see their own part in the conflict and that they are doing exactly what their loved ones have done, that history is repeating itself. Over and over again.”

Safe Haven

Single (2021)

”Safe Haven” is an Americana ballad with lyrics about the desire to find a ”calm in the storm”; a haven – when everything around you is falling apart and moving too fast for you to keep up. Cicci’s expressive voice combined with her beautiful lyrics and Amir Aly’s amazing production have created a beautiful, timeless and emotional song.

Treasure This Moment

EP (2019)

”My feeling is that this was an EP that really has it all! It takes you on a journey. My journey. From Hollywood & Sunset Blvd in Los Angeles to the music capital of Nashville and its vibrant Broadway but it also goes deep into my roots, where there are missing people in my family tree.” /Cicci

Chapter Two

Album (2017)

”The songs are written directly from life; events, experiences and emotions. The title track ”Chapter Two” came about when I found old handwritten letters in a box – written by one of my best friends. We were young and didn’t really know where we were going, but we shared the same dreams. She lost her battle with cancer four years ago and the song became a new beginning, where I am now living the dream for both of us.”  /Cicci

Coming Home

Album (2015)

First Album ”Coming Home” has a lot of soul, the common thread being the melodies and personal lyrics accompanied by her voice.


New Album 2023
”The Sand Of Time”

”We are very pleased with how the new album ”The Sand Of Time” has developed together with the fantastic producer Amir Aly. It is an album where everything has fallen into place and the imprint of time has created new meaning. We are so looking forward to this fall’s big release.”